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Our customers

Our industrial embroidery machines

Growing your embroidery business

Midwest is the perfect partner to help you start and grow your embroidery business, whether you're new to the industry or need help scaling your operation. With more than 20 years of experience in supporting the industry, our knowledge and expertise can help you make the right decisions for your business, helping you to maximise profits and revenues.

Our embroidery machines

There are specific demands you have for your industrial embroidery machines. They must be able to produce a high quality of embroidery in the fastest time possible; they must have the flexibility to embroider on to any garment; they must be reliable to reduce any downtime, and any downtime that does occur needs rectifying quickly.

Our embroidery machines are industry leading. Manufactured by HappyJapan, Japan's leading manufacturer of commercial embroidery machines, our range is developed to support your business no matter its stage of growth. Looking for the perfect startup embroidery machine? We recommend the HappyJapan HCHP. Scaling your production line? A collection of HCR3 High Speed machines will ensure high quality output in the fastest time. Need help deciding? Our dedicated staff are here to understand your needs and help you make the right decision.

Embroidery machine training

We understand how important training is to the growth of your business, and is the reason we have invested heavily into being able to help your team develop the skills and expertise needed to maximise your machines output. Whether it's support in learning how to use your machine to reduce downtime and prevent mistakes, tutorials on machine setup and usage, or help finding design inspiration, our team has experience and expertise to share, and training is included with the installation of new machines.

Embroidery machine servicing and maintenance

Whilst our embroidery machines are incredibly reliable (and supported by a warranty package and service facility), it is important they are maintained for optimal output. Our team of in-house maintenance engineers offer a country-wide repair service to ensure your production line remains running. We're so dedicated to ensuring the uptime of your machines, we even invested in a mobile maintenance van, fully kitted out with necessary parts and accessories, which has allowed us to continue provisioning maintenance services whilst social distancing.

Embroidery Machine FAQs

When choosing an embroidery machine for commercial use, we recommend first considering your needs. Whether you run a start up business or manage an embroidery empire; whether you will be creating personalised or bulk patterns; whether you will be outputting 10's or 1000's of items each day, Midwest Machinery has the perfect embroidery machine to help you satisfy your customers and help your business grow.
It depends on the size of your start up, but we commonly find single head machines to be the best initial investment. Single head embroidery machines act as a great entry into the world of embroidery, allowing you to learn the ropes of software usage and production output. The best machine usually depends on the number of needles (or colours) in your designs, and our support staff are on hand to help you make the right choice.
There are a number of factors which balance into the profitability of each of your embroidery machines, including power requirements, embroidery speed, up/down time, and engineering costs. Our support team is available to help you understand the commercials of each investment. Contact our team for more advice.

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