4 Reasons Why Your Industrial Embroidery Machine Needs WiFi Connectivity

You’ll start to notice that a lot of modern industrial embroidery machines are including WiFi connectivity as a standard offer. But why? Well, if your machine has this functionality, it can open up a world of new possibilities and benefits for your production line

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the ins and outs of WiFi connectivity within industrial embroidery machines – that’s what we’re here for. This post will outline everything that you need to know about WiFi connectivity and highlight the key benefits that your business can take advantage of. 

We’ll cover:

Create, Store and Access Designs From Anywhere

No longer do you have to limit your creativity when you’re operating the machine. Sure, you can start creating your designs on the touchscreen and design portal, however, with WiFI connectivity and cloud storage, you can pick these designs up on your linked devices from anywhere you like. 

So, if you haven’t had time to finish your latest design before leaving work, you can pick this up later and not slow down the progress of your design phase. That way, you don’t have to delay your designs going into production and can complete your designs from anywhere you like. We appreciate that a change in scenery sparks new creativity and inspiration – why not try it? 

WiFi machines automatically sync with your linked devices and any compatible apps. That way, you always have access to the most up to date version of your designs. WiFi connectivity ensures that the latest versions of your designs are automatically saved, therefore, any intricate tweaks or improvements made to the design are included. 

This is particularly useful for efficiency improvements. Without WiFi connectivity, you’re limited to designing purely on the machine or needing to transfer over various versions of files. So often we hear of businesses embroidering draft designs, rather than the final approved version. WiFi connectivity rules out any chance of this happening.

Save Your Designs Within the Machine

It’s not uncommon for embroidery businesses to have floppy discs, USB drives, hard drives and storage banks lying around with thousands of designs on there. But what if you forget that all-important storage device on your way into work one morning? Annoyingly, this will delay any production and will also delay deadlines. 

With WiFi connectivity, design files can be automatically synced with linked devices and apps. Or, you can physically transfer files to be stored on the machine, that way, you needn’t rely on storage devices and can begin production as soon as possible. We all have those mornings where we forget something on the way into work, don’t we? 

Whether it be something trivial like a coffee for the commute or something important that can be detrimental to your overall production. With WiFi connectivity, you can decrease the impact of human error and store these designs on the machine or via accessible cloud-storage. Therefore, your operations don’t need to take a hit. 

We’re afraid we can’t help with the coffee situation though, sorry. 

By saving designs straight to the machine or via the cloud, you’re best positioning your workforce to achieve maximum efficiency. 

Status and Maintenance Updates

Gone are the days in which you need to closely monitor your embroidery machine until the job’s finished. With WiFI connectivity, your machine can provide status updates, that way, you know when you need to go back and collect the product and load the next lot. 

This is perfect for increasing productivity. Think about it, if you know that your job is only 1 percent complete, what’s the point in standing around and waiting for it to be fully finished? Whereas, if you’re aware of the progress, you can carry out further tasks while that job is running and make the most of your time management. 

WiFi connected machines will send push notifications to linked devices to update on progress and any maintenance needs. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your production line by keeping your machine running as long as possible during the day. Plus, you can make any maintenance repairs should any faults occur. 

By knowing exactly what needs changing or where the fault is, you can effectively carry out the maintenance yourself and ensure that you’re minimising any potential downtime. So, your production line can be firing on all cylinders and maximising your output.

Automatic Software Updates

HappyJapan machines all include Windows software, so for the machine to work as effectively as possible, you’re going to need to update the software once they’re released. Otherwise, you’ll be operating with bugs and glitches that could easily be rectified. These could prove detrimental to your operations and may take up crucial time.

Software updates are necessary so that you’re getting the most out of the software and that it’s secure as possible. If you don’t update the system, you’re exposing your machine to bugs and potential issues. Not only are you risking production errors but security breaches too – you don’t want to expose your unique designs to cybersecurity hacks that could expose them globally. 

With WiFi connectivity, the machine can automatically push these updates to your linked devices and systems. Therefore, you needn’t worry about missing an update and operating on an old system for any length of time. They’ll notify you and offer you the chance to update straight away or schedule it in for a quieter period of time – usually overnight.

Choose the Right Industrial Embroidery Machine For Your Business

So, you’re now aware of the main benefits and advantages that WiFi connectivity can bring to your business. Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in a machine that includes WiFi connectivity? Or, do you still need a little bit more convincing and more information around them?

Either way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our expert team will gladly help with your questions and queries. Plus, alleviate any worries that you may have too. If you’d like to see one of our industry-leading, WiFi-connected machines in action, please take a look at our video demo today!

Check out our Happy Japan embroidery machines and how it can help your business today!

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