5 Custom Uniforms Created with Embroidery Machines

Custom uniforms are often seen in workwear, school uniforms, sports teams and various other industries. But why? Well, there are many different benefits for these organisations to be wearing custom uniforms. Not only does it promote a strong brand but it also looks incredibly professional too – which is the impression that a lot of establishments want to give off.

This post will showcase the different kinds of custom uniforms that you can produce with HappyJapan embroidery machines

We’ll cover: 

Workwear Uniforms

One of the most popular requests that an embroidery company will receive is workwear uniform orders. Think about it, how many companies do you see with personalised uniform products that show off their branding? A lot. 

From electricians to accountants and solicitors to plumbers, you’ll find a whole host of businesses who require embroidery for their uniforms. And they’ll all have different needs too. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate for solicitors to turn up to a case in a hoodie. Whereas, this style of sweatshirt is increasingly popular in roles like plumbers and electricians. 

When looking at customising business uniforms, you need to make sure that you can rely on the quality that’s produced. The last thing a business wants is embroidery that looks cheap and unprofessional. Not only will it look poor but it’ll give off the impression that your service is cheap and unprofessional too. 

School Uniforms

Schools have a rich history and heritage that they like to show off. Tied in with their history is their school uniform. Just like workwear, schools will want to make sure that their uniform is the best possible quality – most importantly, the badge. It hallmarks everything that they stand for, so for it to be poorly designed would be disrespectful to the organisation’s steep history. 

There are various reasons why schools personalise and embroider their uniforms. These are: 

  • Creates a strong brand for your school. 
  • Increase the attraction rates for high-quality students. 
  • Acknowledges and proudly presents the school’s rich heritage. 

School uniforms can be made up of various garments. From blazers to jumpers, different schools all use a combination of items. Which is why you need to be able to rely on a machine that has the quality to produce great results on multiple garment types and different fabrics. Otherwise, you could end up with brand inconsistency, which isn’t good for the school. 

Sports Team Kits

Sports teams and clubs wear custom uniforms, even in the professional levels of the sports. Whether it’s football or netball, sports teams all wear the same uniform on the pitch to reinstate the fact that they’re a team and are all pulling in the same direction for an overall goal. 

It creates a sense of unity and makes everyone feel part of the team. If you’re all wearing the same kit, each member will feel empowered. Plus, it’s a sense of pride for each member displaying the crest on their shirt, shorts and tracksuits proudly.  

Like the school uniform and workwear, if your sports team kit is poorly designed, you’re not going to be taken seriously. How many professional football teams do you see with a poorly designed kit? Or an unprofessional looking kit? None. As the old saying goes, “look smart, play smart.”

Clubs and Societies

Universities are full of students joining societies. And what better to raise money for your society than to see personalised custom uniforms? If you’ve been to university, especially recently, you’ll have no doubt seen hundreds of students per day with different jumpers on from sports, games, educational and charitable societies – to name a few. Whether it’s a hoodie, a t-shirt or a cap, clubs and societies often order an array of different products. 

It’s not just university societies either. A lot of churches, village halls and other places are home to beavers, cubs, rainbows, brownies and scouts clubs. Each member wears their own uniform and can embroider the different badges they earn from completing tasks and different set jobs. 

Again, clubs and societies will want to look the best that they can – so they need to be sure that they’re receiving quality embroidered goods, which is what you receive with HappyJapan machines. Being a part of a club is something to be proud of, so people will want to wear their custom uniforms with pride. If they’re embroidered poorly, the chances are that people won’t wear them and they’ll go to waste. 

Personalised Trip Uniforms

As stag and hen celebrations, birthdays and group holidays are becoming more extravagant than ever, people have been known to design customised t-shirts for the occasion. Usually, a t-shirt is a good idea to remember the trip by, as actual memories could be a little bit faded from some heavy celebrations. 

Embroidered t-shirts or hoodies are a common choice – usually with a funny nickname embroidered onto them. Personalised trip uniforms are a common order that a lot of embroiderers are now facing, which is good news as any custom is welcomed. 

HappyJapan embroidery machines can allow parties to be as detailed as they want with their desired designs and lettering. They’re a great choice for any embroidery business. Designed to run all day, they won’t let you down and will keep delivering quality results that you customers long for in each job. 

Customise Your Uniforms With the Right Embroidery Machine

Having the right machine is crucial to making sure that your custom uniforms are the best quality that they possibly can be. So, you need to make sure that you choose wisely when it comes to choosing your own embroidery machine

Having your own embroidery machine comes with plenty of benefits too. Not only is it cheaper in the long-run, as opposed to outsourcing, but it gives you great freedom in making instant changes to your orders and designs too. 

In our guide, we’ve compared single-head and multi-head embroidery machines. Here you’ll find what they both are, the different benefits they have and which one is right for your business size. For everything you need to know, get your free copy today.

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