7 Embroidery Tools Every Business Needs

If you don’t have the right embroidery tools, embroidery can prove to be tricky. And you want to make it as easy and seamless as possible, don’t you? Well, by having the right embroidery tools in place you can speed up your process, rectify your mistakes and even prevent them from happening at all. 

We’ve handpicked seven of our favourite embroidery tools and displayed them in this post. So, if your embroidery business could benefit from a little help, some of these may be just perfect for you. 

Embroiderer’s Helper

As you could probably guess from the name, this embroidery tool will be your right-hand man. Every embroiderer in the world can benefit from this simple tool. It’s a positioning tool that helps when placing and centring left and right crest designs on garments. This can be used on: 

  • Polo shirts. 
  • T-shirts. 
  • Sweatshirts. 
  • Oxford shirts. 

This tool is incredibly affordable and takes all the guesswork out of embroidery. The different notches are used to display the centre point of your shirt and are adjustable depending on the size of the shirt that you’re embroidering upon. 

If there’s one way to ruin a professional design, it’s to put it in the wrong place – and it won’t just be the design that’s ruined, it’ll be the full garment. 

No matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time novice, every embroiderer makes mistakes. Unfortunately, as humans, there’s no getting away from that. Luckily not all mistakes have to be costly with this handy embroidery tool. A stitch eraser can save your designs from being ruined – rather than trying to salvage it with a pair of scissors or tweezers.

This tool helps keen embroiderers and embroidery businesses to remove thread without damaging the whole garment. It makes removing thread a lot less tedious and makes it far easier to remove larger threads too.  

With the stitch remover, you’re making your business operations a lot more efficient and saving time. Rather than spending ages on the small task of rectifying mistakes, your team can quickly get over them and get back to focusing on turning round client orders and keeping them happy. 

An easy way to hold and sew caps and visors – don’t just settle for putting your design wherever you can fit it. Start placing your designs where they look the best with this cap frame. Caps are one of the most popular accessories that embroidery businesses will have to work on, so you need to make sure that you get them right.   

Caps can be used for various purposes. Whether it’s a personal order or a business wanting new uniforms, you need to be sure that they’re on point. Businesses need their uniforms to be a high standard. Otherwise, it gives off negative impressions of the standard of service that they provide. After all, if they can’t get their own uniform right, then how are they going to carry out a good job for someone else?

You can use these hoops for just about any job – seriously, they’re ace! 

These hoops are magnetic, so there’s no need to adjust the outer ring and it automatically adjusts for different fabric thicknesses too. It also reduces the stress on the hands of the embroiderer because it wants to pull itself together, rather than them having to force it – especially when trying to hoop difficult thick fabrics. 

Hoop burn is reduced with this great embroidery tool. The last thing you want is to ruin a product with hoop burn. However good the design and quality of the embroidery is if your products have hoop burn on them, your clients aren’t going to be best pleased and the product will look a lot cheaper too. 

No advanced technology with this one, just good old placement stickers for you to rely on. They’re a basic and effective tool that can help immensely when looking to place your design on a garment. These stickers save embroiderers marking garments with chalk and soluble paints, which can be a hassle to remove at times. 

They have a crosshair on too, which allows for an easy target for the positioning of your needle. Once your needle is positioned, it’s virtually impossible to miss the target, meaning that you’ll definitely get the right placement on your products every time.

So, You’ve Got the Right Tools But Do You Have the Right Embroidery Machine?

Having the right embroidery tools to get the job done is one thing, but do you have the right machine to cope with demand and to produce top quality products? Your commercial embroidery machine is your most valuable commodity as a business, without it you won’t have any products to sell. 

Luckily for you, at Midwest, we’ve created a free guide to help you understand whether you’ve got the right machine or whether it’s time for an upgrade. It explains everything you need to know about single-head and multi-head embroidery machines and the various benefits that each machine can bring to your business. 

Download your copy today.

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