Choosing Your Industrial Embroidery Machine: New or Used?

Buying an industrial embroidery machine that’s right for your business isn’t an easy decision. You need to make sure that the machine is suitable to meet the demands and needs of your customers. Plus, you need to make sure that your machine has the scope to be able to cope with the expansion of your business. 

As a startup, is it worth buying a used embroidery machine? Or, do you need to buy a brand new one to get full value for your money? This post will outline the advantages and disadvantages of both used and new industrial embroidery machines and will give judgement of which one is right for your business. 

We’ll cover: 

Second-Hand Industrial Embroidery Machines


Buying second-hand industrial embroidery machines is a way that businesses try and cap their outgoings. Embroidery machines are likely to be your most important cost as a company, so if you can get a quality machine for a cheaper price point that’s ideal, isn’t it? 

You’d like to think so – but more factors need to be considered when buying second-hand industrial embroidery machines. Don’t be swayed by the price of a used machine. Just because something is so cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be the best deal. It could be in poor condition or not in full working order, so be sure to check out other factors too before making a decision.

A Good Starting Point

A lot of businesses tend to consider used machines when they’re first starting out. They may not have the funds available to splash out on a brand new machine, or they don’t know how to gauge their customer demand just yet – so it doesn’t warrant the full investment of a brand new machine. 

You need to be able to trust the seller of your used embroidery machine. When starting out, it’s common to not know a lot about embroidery machines. So, you need to be able to put your faith in a supplier that wants the best for you, not just one that wants to cash in on your inexperience. At Midwest, all of our used machines are fully serviced and are in complete working order – you can put your trust in us to help you find the perfect used industrial embroidery machine.   

Guaranteed Quality

You might think that the business that’s had the machine from brand new has got the best years out of it, but that’s certainly not the case. Especially with HappyJapan machines. They’re built to last and their last job is just as good as their first. Plus, at Midwest, you’re guaranteed to buy a high-quality machine due to our rigorous quality checking process. 

Not only this but should you have a problem with your used embroidery machine, our support team are always on hand to help find the right solution. So, not only are you investing a quality piece of machinery that’ll help grow your business but the assistance you require to make sure that your equipment is always up to scratch. 

Brand New Industrial Embroidery Machines

The Latest Technology

Whether it’s the latest programming software or a brand new LCD touch screen, technology can be the perfect finishing touches on a quality industrial embroidery machine. Improved technology means improved results – and what embroidery business doesn’t want to achieve the best results? 

The latest technology can mean that machines are easier to use than ever before. Which means that more of your workforce will easily be able to create quality products on them. And if more people can use the machine, that means more products can be created and more profit can be generated, right?


Brand new industrial embroidery machines will last longer for you than buying a used one. Whilst they might have the same warranty and life expectancy, a used machine may have been used for years before you buy it. Therefore, you’ll only have the remaining years of it’s expected life before you need to buy a new one. 

HappyJapan machines are designed to run all day, so you needn’t worry about overworking them. Not only do they run all day, but the quality in each job is of the highest standards. If you’re looking for a new, durable embroidery machine, HappyJapan won’t let you down. New machines won’t have had any previous faults either, which means that they’re not as prone to breaking down should there be an issue. 

Low Maintenance

Brand new machines are a lot lower maintenance than older ones. It’s like anything, older items need a little bit more care than newer ones do. After all, older ones will have been running a lot longer, so they’ll be more susceptible to breaking down or throwing up problems. Whereas, brand new machines will be working as best as they can straight away. 

Depending on the problem, maintenance can prove to be pretty expensive. So, the less maintenance your machine will need, the better it’ll be on your wallet. There’s no way of avoiding maintenance if you want your machine to be able to run for as long as it possibly can. It’s your most precious commodity, so you’re going to have to look after it.

More Efficient Output

New machines run a lot quicker than used ones. Whilst used ones are still widely efficient, there’s nothing that compares to the speed that a new machine can churn orders out. So, depending on your customer base and what their orders are demanding, a new machine will produce your orders quicker than ever. 

That means your running costs will be a lot lower with a new machine. Each order will cost less to produce, resulting in more profit for your business. And it’s hard to argue with that, isn’t it? 

Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing your industrial embroidery machine can be quite a daunting task at first. There are many different factors to consider and it’s definitely a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, your decision will directly affect how your business performs and the potential profit that you can make. 

The factors you need to consider when choosing between a used or brand new industrial embroidery machine are: 

  • Number of heads
  • Speed
  • Overall condition
  • Scope for growth
  • Advanced features
  • Maintenance needed

Each business is different. Just because a machine suits a certain business, doesn’t mean that it’s going to work right for your business. 

Single-Head Vs Multi-Head: Which One Is Right?

No matter if the machine is new or used, the number of heads is a major factor to consider. If your business needs to churn out plenty of orders, then you’re likely to need more heads. However, if you’re working on a small scale and single orders at a time, a single-head machine will suffice nicely. 

To help you with your decision, we’ve created a free guide which outlines the benefits of both single-head and multi-head embroidery machines. Plus, it shows you how both can be used to benefit and help your business achieve your goals and objectives. Grab your copy today. 

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