Embroidered Sportswear: What Machine Type Should You Use?

Embroidered sportswear is massively important to sports clubs. Not only is it the most common way that they differentiate themselves from other teams, but it’s also a chance for them to show off their proud history and heritage too. Personalised sportswear has many benefits for sports teams – both professional and grassroots levels. 

But it has to be done properly. The last thing teams want is to appear unprofessional and unestablished – which is what poor embroidered sportswear connotes. Think of the successful teams around the world, they’re represented by immaculate strips with perfect embroidery application, aren’t they? 

Granted, not all sports teams will have the same budget – but perfect embroidered sportswear isn’t inaccessible for even the smallest of teams. Sportswear comes in all different shapes, garment sizes and materials so sports clothing businesses must be prepared for this. 

To achieve perfect results, you must have the right equipment in place. So, this post will outline the different types of industrial embroidery machines that sportswear manufacturers should use. 

We’ll cover:

Single-Head Industrial Embroidery Machines

Single-head industrial embroidery machines are the perfect entry-level machine for sportswear embroiderers. Are you just starting out? Or, are you looking to branch out into new areas of embroidery? Rather than taking the plunge and investing in a machine that’s far too advanced for your currently small needs, they’re a cost-effective way to enter the market.

They’re the cheapest price point on the market – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not powerful or capable of producing amazing results. They’re small and compact, but they can produce embroidery that rivals industry-leading multi-head machines. They’re a force to be reckoned with, so you mustn’t underestimate their power and capabilities. 

As with their size, they’re also portable – which is a great option to have. That way, you can carry out your embroidery wherever and whenever you like. That way, if you need to take your machine elsewhere for a little inspiration or to get the creative juices flowing, you’re not limited to a single place.  

Some single-head embroidery machines are incredibly technologically advanced. For example, some machines and model types have now started using artificial intelligence (AI) technology which allows them to preset jobs and run all on their own. That way, you don’t have to stand over them and operate them throughout the job. You can leave them to run, knowingly guaranteeing a top-quality product will be created. 

Whilst they’re capable of producing amazing results, you may be a little limited as to how big your product range can be with a single-head embroidery machine. Embroidered sportswear isn’t just playing strips and simple training t-shirts, it can be anything that a club wants to put their badge and crest on. Therefore, if you’re trying to embroider a large stadium jacket on a small embroidery machine, you’re not going to produce the level of quality that clubs are vying for. 

Multi-Head Industrial Embroidery Machines

Whilst single-head industrial embroidery machines are perfect for startup businesses, that’s, unfortunately, what they’re limited to. As businesses start to grow and scale, they need the equipment to match and cope with customer demands. Businesses can quickly outgrow their single-head machines, which is when they’ll need to upgrade to a multi-head embroidery machine. 

As you grow, you’ll be receiving a higher volume of more advanced orders. If you try and keep up with the demands by using a machine that’s not suitable, you’ll quickly fail and your clients  will take their custom elsewhere. People aren’t prepared to wait around for long order times, they want their embroidered sportswear as quickly as possible – without any compromise on quality. 

Multi-head embroidery machines allow you to do just that. They’re designed to be run all day, which means they’ll have no issue in churning out top-quality sportswear over a prolonged period. Plus, they’re suitable for a wide range of materials and products, therefore, you’re not just limited to creating the basics or to one sport. 

When dealing with a wide range of sports, the garments that you have to create are all vastly different. On one order you could be working on football shirts and the next netball skirts, so you need to have a multi-head embroidery machine in place that allows you to freely work on different materials and item sizes. 

With multi-head machines, you’re automatically increasing your capacity. Think about it, the more heads your machine has, the more power and production output you have. So, if you’re receiving a high volume of orders, adding another head to your equipment is a simple fix to keep up with demands. 

That way, you can keep your customers happy and turn around orders quicker than ever before. Remember, customers are after quality too, not just turnaround speed. So, by using a multi-head embroidery machine, not only are you guaranteeing quick order creation but high-quality products too. 

Multi-Head Industrial Embroidery Machines

Large hoodies, stadium jackets and holdall bags – all of these products are vital parts of embroidered sportswear but they’re not easy to embroider using normal-sized machines. That’s where wide-area machines step in – the larger working area allows these products to be handled more easily. 

So that the products can be embroidered properly, they need to be positioned on the machine correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of inconsistencies and poor quality embroidery – with both of these there is likely to come disgruntled customers too. This is far from ideal and it may lead to your customer base looking elsewhere to source their embroidery. 

Teams and clubs use embroidered sportswear to show off their proud history and heritage. Therefore, the last thing they want is poor quality embroidery. This connotes an unestablished and poorly organised team. Pristine quality is a MUST for sports teams and it’s unlikely that they’ll settle for anything less. 

If a team shows up to their match looking unprofessional and untidy, it may reflect the style of play that they adopt. This may lead to their opponents underestimating them before they’ve even set foot on the field of play. Whilst complacency from the other team may work in their favour, it’s not the desired look that teams striving to be the best aim to pull off. 

Not only are wide-area embroidery machines capable of producing amazing results, but they’re ultra-reliable too. They’re built to last and have no issues in being run for lengthy periods. So, you can be sure that you’re best positioned to meet high volumes of orders and produce the highest standard of embroidered sportswear possible. 

Choose the Correct Embroidery Machine Type For Your Business

So, you’ve just read which machine type is best suited for different embroidered sportswear businesses – it’s now time to get the ball rolling and choose the perfect model for your company. Industrial embroidery machines can bring a wide range of benefits to businesses, but you need to make sure that you choose the right one to suit your individual needs.

What works for your competitors isn’t necessarily going to be successful for yours. So, this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. You need to consider your budget, businesses size, growth plans and other factors too. 

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a free guide that outlines everything you need to know about finding the perfect embroidery machine for your business. From machine recommendations to factors you must consider, it’s all in there to help you take the first step towards becoming a more efficient embroidered sportswear company. 

Grab your copy today!

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