10.4" display

2-12 heads

HappyJapan HCR3 High Speed

Industry leading, high speed multi-head embroidery machine

Our industry leading multihead commercial embroidery machine range, the HCR3 series brings the highest possible productivity to your business. Available in 2-12 head models, the HCR3’s high speed servo motors provide quieter sewing at up to 1,200 s.p.m., whilst also being more power efficient. Its intuitive 10.4″ touch screen panel allows fast, efficient operation.



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    All our machines can be used individually or network together.
    Happy LAN software is supplied FREE OF CHARGE

    Speed Comparison

    HappyJapan vs Brother

    In a head-to-head comparison of speed between the two machines, the HappyJapan emerges as the faster option. It excels in rapid stitching, allowing for the completion of designs in a shorter amount of time. This advantage proves particularly beneficial in large-scale commercial embroidery settings, where time is of the essence. The HappyJapan’s impressive speed can lead to increased productivity and faster turnaround times for businesses.

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    Technical Specifications

    Heads 2-12
    Needles / Colours 15
    Max Speed up to 1,200 s.p.m.
    Embroidery area 450x360 / extended area 450x500
    Screen 10.4" color LCD touch screen control panel
    Cap frame 70x180mm
    Wide cap frame 80x360mm
    Dimensions varies in sizes depending on heads (see brochure)
    Max speed on caps up to 1,100 s.p.m.
    Power consumption 320-650 W
    Frequency 50/60 hz
    Weight 480-1470kg
    Memory 40,000,000 stitches or 30.000 patterns
    Touch panel Standard
    USB & mouse Standard
    LAN & USB Standard
    Editing function in Happy LAN Standard
    Happy bell Standard
    Cross type laser position marker Doesn't have cross type laser marker
    One point frames Optional extra
    Build in bobbin thread winder Standard
    Barcode reader Interface standard
    Shoe clamp frame N/A
    Side clamp frame N/A
    Manual clamp frame N/A
    Cap frames Optional extra


    HappyJapan HCR3 High Speed HappyJapan HCR3E Standard
    Needles: 2-12 heads, 15 colours Needles: 2-8 heads, 15 colours
    Speed: up to 1,200 s.p.m. Speed: up to 1,100 s.p.m.
    Area: 450x360 / extended area 450x500 Area: 450x360 / extended area 450x500
    Price: Contact for details Price: Contact for details

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