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Upgrading to a Multi Head Embroidery Machine for Your Business

Published on 3rd December, 2021

Cap embroidery multi head machines

Upgrading to a Multi Head Embroidery Machine for Your Business

embroidery machine for your business

Are you at production capacity with your current single head industrial embroidery machines

Is your single head machine now struggling to keep up with the increase in demand for your embroidery, fashion, education and sportswear industries and you’re considering an upgrade? 

Understanding what the benefits will be if you upgrade and how that will impact your business growth as well as quality and output is a crucial consideration.

It may appear to be an unwanted headache but you’re at a turning point in your business where you can likely capitalise on gaining a  greater market share. Why not enable your business to expand with the HCR3 multihead machine from Happy Japan.

You’re now looking at maximising your efficiency – which is key to maximising your profits. What you want is for your machines to offer your business scalability and return on your investment.

So, let’s address all of the considerations to base your decision on:

  • What a multi head embroidery machine is
  • What makes it different to a single head machine
  • What the benefits to your business are with a multi head machine
  • What an upgrade will mean to your business and when you might also want to consider your upgrade

What is a Multi Head Embroidery Machine?

multi head embroidery machine

Your single head machine has been functioning so far to meet your production needs. But your business is rapidly increasing and you need to expand. Put those big jobs into production with a multi head embroidery machine built to withstand more, like the HappyJapan.

A multi head machine offers between 2-12 multiple heads. With each head, you can have up to 15 needles. With each one being able to hold a different colour.

So, if you need to embroider a design with more than one colour onto several items at any one time, such as a bulk job of hats, you can do so with a HappyJapan machine with ease and speeds of up to 1100 r.p.m, all without having to stop.

With a multi head machine the opportunity is for you to be able to do more with less input from you. 

What Makes a Multi Head Embroidery Machine Different to a Single Head Machine?

multi head or single head

With a multi head machine like the HappyJapan you have the capacity of multiple heads along with up to 15 colour needles per head. Once your fabric is hooped and fixed into place and your design is digitally merged this enables you to choose your thread colours.

What you don’t have to worry about with these machines, are things like fashion garments with pockets requiring embroidery. You can have the hoop variation sizes and frames with a multi head that means you don’t need the added time and pressure of detaching pockets and reattaching once a design is complete. 

A HappyJapan embroidery machine can store hundreds of different designs and thousands of varying stitches – saving you time and increasing your capacity to do more. 

Not only are multi heads faster; they’re also much more precise. You have normal and cap speeds with tubular and flat embroidery options to ensure you can achieve a diverse offering with your products.

With multi head machines, you aren’t limited with your production volumes and you can work at a faster pace to that of a single head machine.  

What are the Benefits to Your Business with a Multi Head Embroidery Machine?

With a multi head machine such as the HappyJapan, the benefits to your business are:

  • Increased speed in machines which allows your business to produce larger volumes and diversify for the industries you serve, such as fashion, embroidery, education, bed manufacturers, babywear and sportswear. Plus, the more you’re able to produce, the more return you will see on your investment.
  • Less interaction is required from you once you have set up your multi head machine which offers you maximisation in your staffing costs and process efficiency.  
  • Precision in output and design with multi head machines increases the quality in the products you’re making.
  • Easy to programme software which means you have more time for other jobs within your production process.
  • You can embroider on mass and at any one time with a multi head machine for items such as hats, towels, blankets, purses, bags and clothing etc. Giving you the production power to achieve more.

What Will an Upgrade in Embroidery Machine Mean to Your Business?

business benefits

A multi head machine is an investment and also an instant upgrade for your business. If you’re looking to increase volumes and want to gain those bigger production jobs, then you need to choose a machine that can match your customer demand.

Little to no downtime in your production offers you a more streamlined process and a higher value in return on your output. 

For example, if you have a large bulk load order for sports t-shirts that need designs embroidered for branding and you have a short lead time to complete the order; with a multi head machine you’re able to meet the pressure in the time it will take to complete the order. You’ll gain future orders of size with clients as you can prove that you can achieve large volume work and at high quality. Increasing your revenue and decreasing the staff costs you’ll need to run the machine.

With a multi head machine and in particular the HappyJapan you can expect a machine that is purposefully designed for commercial embroidery applications. And one which can be configured to your specific business production requirements. 

You can customise and create a production that can manage your growth as you expand with multi head machines. HappyJapan embroidery machines are known for their reliability, ease of use and durability. Look for versatility, flexibility and discuss the ranges on offer to you to ensure you’re matching the best machine to your company.

Always look for a package with a supplier that serves you more than just to supply you with the machine itself. Look at it as a long-term relationship that can assist you in the support and maintenance as well as to advise you as you progress forward. 

Maintenance and supplies to your machine play a key role in being able to ensure the constant and smooth running of your machines and therefore your business. Having this relationship set into place will mean you are preparing for every eventuality. Plus, you have the added bonus of experienced suppliers to assist in your machine choices and training as your company expands further.

In making your machine supplier an invaluable added arm to your company, you will undoubtedly be incorporating a huge benefit into your business.

When Should You Consider Your Embroidery Machine Upgrade?

upgrade your business

When you reach a point in your business where your single head machine cannot match the increased demand in your production and you’re looking to diversify in the range you need to offer; is when you should consider your embroidery machine upgrade.

In order to be able to scale up your business, you need to have the equipment that can instantly work to the demand of higher volumes and still maintain high quality. 

Considering when to upgrade and doing so at the right point should be met with research and sought expertise. Upgrading your machine is upgrading your business. It pays to understand what you need in terms of a machine and why you need it. It puts your business in a position where you can accept jobs with big volumes, therefore producing more products and more revenue. 

The greater the volume in jobs you can successfully achieve over a sustained length of time; the higher your chances of increasing your market share within the industry.

To Conclude: Match Demand with a Machine That Can Work Under Pressure

You want to find a machine that can match your business growth and improve your scope of output capabilities.  Your single head machines may have been adequate up until now but in order to capitalise on larger production jobs, you need a multi head embroidery machine that can efficiently withstand the demand, increase your profitability and all without compromise on your quality.

Multi head machines like the HappyJapan embroidery brand,  are the obvious next step for your fast-growing business and will be your best investment yet.