Our Mid-range single head embroidery machine


Embroidery Area


No. of heads


Max Speed

1,000 s.p.m.

An upgrade on HappyJapan's long established HCS2 model, and the fastest single head on the market, the HCS3 is the most copable compact machine available.


The HCS3's design allows you to use it virtually anywhere!


sewing field


3D caps... problem!

Use individually or network together...


All our machines can be used individually or network together. Happy LAN software is supplied



Heads Single
Needles / Colours 12
Max speed 1,000 s.p.m.
Embroidery area 285x290mm
Screen 7" color LCD touch screen control panel
Cap frame 67x180mm
Wide cap frame 67x290mm
Dimensions 642mm X 745mm X 734mm
Max speed on caps 850 s.p.m.
Power consumption 220w
Frequency 50/60hz
Weight 42kg
Touch panel Standard
USB & mouse Standard
LAN & USB Standard
Editing function in Happy LAN Standard
Happy bell Standard
Cross type laser position marker Standard
One point frames Optional extra
Build in bobbin thread winder Standard
Barcode reader Interface standard

Optional extras

Shoe clamp frame Go to store page
Side clamp frame Go to store page
Manual clamp frame (small) Go to store page
Manual clamp frame (large) Go to store page
Cap frames Go to store page
Sock frames Go to store page

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This machine

HappyJapan HCS3

An upgrade on HappyJapan’s long established HCS2 model, and the fastest portable single head on the market, the HCS3 is the most capable compact machine available. Built to industrial standard, its durable heavy-duty components enable sustained, high-speed production. This 12 needle, single head machine includes increased memory capacity, and in-built cross-type laser position marker, enabling your users to work fast and with confidence.

Needles Single head, 12 colours
Speed 1,000 s.p.m.
Area 285x290mm
Price £7,995.00

HappyJapan HCHP

The HCH Plus provides high-end embroidery machine features, at the industry’s most competitive price. The fastest machine in its class, this 7 needle machine combines high speed single-head performance with laser aligned precision, whilst it’s intuitive touchscreen control panel enables users to work fast and with confidence. Portable and Wifi enabled, the HCHP is also manufactured to full industrial specification.

Needles Single head, 7 colours
Speed 1,000 s.p.m.
Area 285x290mm
Price £6,495.00
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HappyJapan HCD3E

Designed for heavy-duty commercial embroidery, the 15 needle 1200spm HCD3E is Happy Japan’s most capable single head machine. Faster and more durable than its predecessor, the HCD3E provides streamlines usability with its 10-inch intuitive touch screen panel, creating fast, efficient, year-round production.

Needles Single head, 15 colours
Speed 1,200 s.p.m.
Area 400x520mm
Price £11,995.00
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