HappyJapan HCR3 Embroidery Models

Still compact in size, this Multihead will be a great addition to your single head production.

Most capable 2 head ever, with a servo drive for faster, quieter sewing.

The 1504 can be run shift after shift, virtually nonstop, for days on end.

The most productive 4 head yet, with servo drive for faster, quieter sewing, and reinforced construction in many key areas for greater durability.

The efficiency and extra profitability is easily noticed when using the world-leading six-head embroidery machine.

Our high-speed version of the popular HCR3E gives even greater production incorporating high-speed servo motors.

This powerhouse machine will drive through all of your embroidery orders at great speed completing your orders before you know it. 

The company’s strongest, most productive 8-head machine ever, with servo drive system for faster, quieter sewing, and reinforced construction.

For those looking for the ultimate in embroidery production capability

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