HappyJapan HCS3: A Closer Look

No matter your working space, when you’re just starting out, you don’t want this to hold you back or limit your capabilities of growing an empire. Instead, you make use of the space you do have – you invest in time savers and space savers.

Having the latest technology is great, but you want to ensure the tech you do have is efficient, quick and meets the demands of your customers. After all, they’re the ones who are dependent on your services.

Let’s not forget, choosing the correct industrial embroidery machine goes a long way when it comes to budget, processes and product quality. You certainly don’t want to restrict your business growth with the machine you do have, you want it to grow with you over a period of time.

Efficient, easy-to-use, wireless, compact… Sound dreamy? Well, let us introduce you to the NEW HappyJapan HCS3. It’s the newest machine here at Midwest! It’s perfect for those of you who want to expand your business, effectively use your creativity, meet the demands of your streamlined business and work in a compact space.

Want to find out more? Don’t worry, we’re going to cover everything you need to know in this post – from how the HCS3 works to the key features you need to know about.

We’ll cover


The HappyJapan HCS3

The NEW HCS3 is an upgrade from Happy Japan’s iconic HCS2 model – it compares to no other embroidery machine on the market. It’s the ULTIMATE compact machine, great for beginners and keen embroiders looking to find their feet in the industry. If you already embroider on an industrial scale, these machines can add a compact aspect to your production line – so don’t think they’re JUST for newbies.

The HCS3 is more compact than ANY machine from HappyJapan so it’s the ideal space saver. It might be a new product, but it still has the wireless feature, the same as ALL of the HappyJapan products – portable and no wires to cause a nuisance. Honestly, expanding your business and doing embroidery on an industrial scale has never been easier. 

So, it’s compact and portable, but is it missing any features? Definitely not. It’s got new features from a laser guide as standard, a fast start-up time and a quick embroidery turnaround time (max speed of 1000 stitches per minute). It really does tick the boxes for SMEs.


Compact and Powerful

We start with the KEY feature of the new HCS3 and that’s how compact and smart it is. Although it’s small, it’s certainly mighty. It contains one single embroidery head and it’s perfect for more intricate and complex production lines that produce items in batches. 

Although this is great for a beginner, they’re really useful pieces of equipment to have no matter what stage in your business journey you are at. They’re compact, portable, sturdy and much more lightweight than your ordinary single-head embroidery machine. 

How This Benefits Your Business

If space is your drawback, then this is the perfect machine for the available space you do have because it will fit almost anywhere. It will take up as much space as an end of a table and with its 1,000 stitches per min – it’s speedy, powerful and efficient. Also, you won’t need to worry about the mess it creates either – no space is needed to cater for this.


Direct Down Laser Guide as Standard

The HCS3 has the high-tech feature of a direct down laser guide as standard – a real time saver. These handy built-in devices create a laser beam that appears just in front of the needle; it’s a guide for where the stitch line will fall precisely and accurately. 

How This Benefits Your Business

Not only is this feature high-tech, it’s functional too. Looking for accuracy? That’s what a laser-guide is for. With the use of this, your embroidery will be more accurate than ever and the desired outcome will be straighter with less markings. Happy customers all round!


LCD Colour Touch Screen Panel

We told you no features are compromised! The compact HCS3 has a touch screen panel to make embroidery and business processes even easier. The touch panel is designed to show job progress in real time and give updates to you. Is there an error? It will inform you. Is it finished? It will tell you. It also has a live feed of stitch speed, ensuring accuracy at all times during the production process.

How This Benefits Your Business

The LCD touch screens are simple to use (perfect if you’re not tech-savvy!). This is great if you want more than one member of the team to learn and you’re short on time. Also, this ensures that your production line is consistently accurate and working to its optimum efficiency. 

We understand that safety is a huge factor for any business, so this machine has catered for that. With the handy built-in operating system, any issues that occur will be flagged and you’ll be warned before proceeding.



Wireless Connection

So, it’s compact BUT it’s portable too! The HCS3 has a completely wireless connection. No wires, no cables and perfect to move around depending on the space you have. It’s also great for a variety of workspaces and doesn’t need to be positioned near WiFi or certain cabling – finally, you have the freedom!

How This Benefits Your Business

It’s easy to use and there’s no restrictions with connectivity, so, you have no excuses but to work efficiently and create the great work you hoped for. Having a wireless connection creates fewer hazards and production will be more efficient. If you’re struggling for space, the HCS3 can unpack and have a home anywhere in your workspace.

Some more features we HAD to mention:

  • 1 head / 12 needle.
  • 1000 SPM.
  • USB, LAN & WiFi option.
  • Power consumption – 200W.
  • Tubular embroidery area – 285x290mm.
  • Advanced touchscreen.
  • Fast start up time.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Take up-lever safety guard.
  • Wide cap frame – 67x290mm.
  • Cap frame – low-profile cap frame(option): 67x180mm.
  • Weight – 42kg
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection.
  • 2 million stitch memory.
  • Built-in bobbin winder.
  • Includes HAPPY LAN software.
  • Includes 6 popular frame sizes.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 250 patterns.

If you’re overwhelmed with the features the HCS3 has, don’t be. Although it’s high-tech and has some incredible features – it’s versatile and simple to use in just a few steps. As with all HappyJapan machines, they’re built to withstand production over a long period. No expensive maintenance or repairs will be needed so it’s perfect for your start-up budget.


Take Your Production to the Next Level!

Well, if you’re new to the embroidery industry or you’re wanting to expand your current production line, then this machine can suit all your needs. From producing a fast turnaround to portable and compact design features you needn’t look elsewhere. 

The HCS3 can help you achieve a lot of embroidery tasks including sleeves, caps, bags or pre-assembled fabrics and garments. They’re also ideal for mixed media and multimedia style decoration. 

If you think it’s time to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL with the help of HCS3, 

enquire now and secure your embroidery machine today! You can get in touch with us via our contact us page. One of our embroidery machine experts will then get back to you as soon as possible to set up a technical demonstration.

If you’re desperate for more details on the machines we offer, grab yourself a copy of our FREE Ebook and discover which level of machine is right for your business.

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