Should You Upgrade to the HCS3? When’s the Right Time?

Are you polar focused on accuracy? Are you looking for something more compact? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade for your commercial embroidery machines

We understand that looking at a potential upgrade can be nerve-wracking as it usually involves dipping into your budget and learning a new piece of tech. Aside from this, it’s an exciting time for your business too. 

But when’s the right time to take that leap and make a change? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll fill you in on why it’s vital to upgrade your embroidery machine and when the right time will be to upgrade.

How could we forget… We have upgraded too! We’ll also show you the HCS3 single-head embroidery machine – it’d be rude not to.

We’ll cover:


Why it’s Vital to Upgrade Your Embroidery Machine

Fed Up of Machine Repairs?

Are you spending more money on getting repairs fixed than actually putting your money on business growth? Yeah, we thought so too. It’s vital that you have an embroidery machine that’s safe to use and reliable. You want to ensure you’re meeting deadlines and producing quality products in the most efficient way. 

Great news, HappyJapan embroidery machines are robust and are designed to run all day. They won’t get tired, they’re reliable and very little maintenance will be needed. You can produce items with the reassurance that nothing will go wrong and you’ll be able to invest your money in the areas that are important to you.

Ensure Accuracy is NEVER Compromised

Accuracy should be a priority for your business. You need to ensure existing customers are satisfied and potential prospects are intrigued and keen to invest in your services. Are you having trouble producing laser cut designs? Well, that’s where you need a laser guide.

Accuracy has been prioritised with the new HCS3 machine. This machine now features a direct down laser guide as standard. Laser guides are built into machines and provide a laser beam guide for the needle to follow. They keep designs sharp and on-point. This is a game-changing feature!

You Spend More Time Fixing Problems Than Creating

Are you caught off guard with blockages and snapped thread? Yeah, this can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you’re trying to run a business, time can be your biggest enemy as you need to be focused on achieving business goals and meeting customer demand. 

If you want to claim your time back, upgrading to a machine that has a digitised system is vital for business efficiency and operation safety. The Happy Japan HCS3 has a handy built-in operating system, so any issues that occur will be flagged and you’ll be warned before proceeding. No fabric will be wasted, you’ll easily be able to resolve any issues and no time will be wasted on unnecessary tasks.


When is The Right Time to Upgrade?

You Want to Embroider On An Industrial Scale

If you’re finding it difficult to meet the demands of your current customers, it might be a sign that you need to improve your production process. Having an efficient production procedure will help you increase your customer satisfaction and increase your overall revenue. With the help of a new machine, this can be resolved easily.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about expanding your business and processes – incredible news! BUT you need a machine that’ll be reliable and help you churn out the demands you have. So to be sure the investment is worth it, decide how many products you’ll need to make, what type of products you want to make and how much time you want to save in production. Then, you’ll have your answer.

You Don’t Want Mixed Signals

Are cables causing you havoc? Are they causing hazards in your workstation? Maybe it’s time you improved your connection and stripped things back a little. Everyone always wants the latest tech but it’s important that the tech you do have, improves your overall strategy and makes things easier for you. 

If you want the flexibility to move your machine around and connect to it wherever you are in the workspace, considering a machine that has wireless connectivity is the way! As with all HappyJapan machines from Midwest, they offer COMPLETE wireless connectivity. No more cables, no more mixed signals (literally) and no more delays. 

Accuracy is Your Priority

So, your current demand has increased but you’re worried that accuracy could be compromised… That shouldn’t even be in the equation. At Midwest, we take great pride in ensuring people are creating work they’re proud of. Customer satisfaction is also high on our list so we want to ensure the high quality work you’re producing is also pleasing those customers of yours!

If accuracy is part of your priority list then you need to step away from your existing machine that’s affecting your manufacturing and you need to invest in a machine that’ll help you continue to delight existing customers and retain new customers.

You Just Need a New Machine

Sounds obvious… BUT, hear us out. If this post has highlighted gaps in your production process and you’re realising that your manufacturing could be improved – change is needed. Yes, getting a new machine is an investment but if you have your priorities mapped out and you have the correct structure in place to continue to grow as a business, you’ll be well prepared for this change.


Improve Your Performance with the HCS3

Now you know that the HCS3 has wireless connectivity, it has a laser beam feature and it’s reliable… What else can it do?

Well, here are some other features of the HCS3 that’ll help improve your performance and overall product line.

  • 1000 SPM.
  • Fast start up time.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Take up-lever safety guard
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection.
  • 2 million stitch memory.
  • Built-in bobbin winder.
  • Includes 6 popular frame sizes.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 250 patterns.

What can’t it do? Well, it does everything that SMEs need! It’s ideal if you have a more streamlined production process and you’re new to the embroidery industry. But it’s also great if you’re ready to upgrade and get a machine that is REVOLUTIONARY. But the question is, are you ready?


I’m Ready!

Great news! If you’re truly ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL then get in touch with one of our experts today. They can answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right machine for your needs.

In the meantime, if you want to do some more research, grab yourself a copy of our FREE Ebook and understand why changing your machine is vital for your business development. 

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