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Groz-Beckert Needles Titanium DBxK5 SAN 1 RG GEBEDUR 65/9

The needle system DB x K5 has been specially designed for use in high performance machines. The main consideration was reducing skip stitches and thread breakage, maximum protection of thread and fabric, as well as loop pick-up.

Point style : RG 

Round point with small ball point

Standard for chain stitch; for fine, delicate knit fabrics, microfiber, woven fabrics, sewing buttons, embroidery and fine, soft clothing leather


Shirts, trousers, various types of garments

The GEBEDUR® needles developed and patented by Groz-Beckert are coated in titanium nitride, giving them their characteristic golden appearance. This coating shows a higher degree of hardness than the coating of standard needles. Therefore, the GEBEDUR® needle offers a better protection against wear and damage, particularly in the point and eye area. This superior wear resistance results in a consistently high standard of seam quality and a longer service life for needles, which ultimately means improved productivity. This makes for a needle capable of coping with any situation, no matter how extreme the requirements.

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Package : 100 pcs

Weight 10 g