The 3 Benefits of Investing in a Used Industrial Embroidery Machine

A lot of businesses can be quick to turn their noses up at used embroidery machines. But why? Beats us.

A common misconception with second-hand embroidery machines is that the former owner has had the best years out of them. However, these machines are built to last for a long time. So, you can be confident that their last job is just as good as their first.

Industrial Embroidery machines are the most vital asset to the success of a business, but brand new machines can often be expensive and over budget, especially for smaller and startup businesses.

So, buying used embroidery machines is a good way of lowering costs while still investing in a quality product that can help your business grow. Obviously, there are poor versions and poorly looked after models in the used market and you want to stay well clear of these. Especially if you approach an untrusted buyer, that is.

This post will show the three benefits of investing in a second-hand embroidery machine and how Midwest can help you and your business. Plus, it’ll display the various models that we have in stock too.

We’ll cover: 

The Benefits of Investing in a Used Industrial Embroidery Machine


As we’ve briefly mentioned, buying brand new embroidery machines can be an expensive investment for businesses. Smaller and startup businesses don’t have the capital that larger businesses do, so a second-hand embroidery machine is a great option for an entry-level or upgraded machine. 

Used embroidery machines don’t just appeal to smaller businesses though. Think about it, if you can buy a quality machine that’s proven to create incredible results for a cheaper price point, that’s ideal for any business, right? 

Let’s not get carried away by the price point. Naturally, it tends to be the most influential factor for businesses when making decisions. However, if you’re facing an offer that seems too good to be true for an unbelievable product, it probably is!

While we pride ourselves on the condition and working order of our used HappyJapan embroidery machines, other businesses don’t and are just looking for a sale. So, low-cost machines could mean poor quality, poor condition and previous faults. 

Guaranteed Quality

Industrial embroidery machines are built to last and run all day – and that’s exactly what they do for their full lifecycle. So, if you think that investing in a second-hand embroidery machine means that you’re not getting the best years out of it, think again. 

At Midwest, we service all our used embroidery machines to ensure that they’re in full working order and the best condition they possibly can be. The last thing you want to do is to invest in a machine that’s no good, leaving you to splash out again for another. You could buy a brand new industrial embroidery machine if you’re having to spend twice!

From a trusted supplier, you’re guaranteed a quality machine that produces amazing results to help your business grow.

A Good Starting Point

Starting a business is an exciting time but it’s also expensive. Startup businesses are desperate to avoid unnecessary costs, as they don’t have the capital to spend on lots of luxurious items. An embroidery machine is a necessity – however, is a brand new one more of a luxury purchase? 

Used embroidery machines are the perfect starting point for businesses. Not only are they cheaper than shelling out for a top of the range embroidery machine, but they’re also the perfect way to test the water when entering the market. You’ll quickly get a feel for the volume of orders that you receive, rather than spending a lot of money and realising you don’t need half the features included. 

A Selection of Our Used Industrial Embroidery Machines

HappyJapan HCR-1506

This 6-headed machine is perfect for churning out order after order. If it’s reliability and durability that you’re looking for, then look no further. With a high output level and advanced capabilities, small to medium-sized businesses will be well suited with this machine.

It’s main features include:

  • Number of heads: 6
  • Number of needles: 15
  • Embroidery area: 450 x 500 (mm)
  • Thread control system
  • Maximum speed:  1000 RPM
  • Multilingual operation

HappyJapan HCR 1508

This large embroidery machine is rigid and large in appearance, suitable for your larger embroidery jobs that require a wider area to work with. Not only does it allow for larger jobs, but it also allows you to work on thicker, stronger materials like leather.

The material you’re working with might change, but the quality of your work certainly won’t. This large machine also reduces vibrations and noise, which again allows for the best possible quality when working.

Other main features include: 

  • Number of heads: 8
  • Number of needles: 15
  • Embroidery area: 17.71 x 14.17 (inches)
  • Thread control system
  • Maximum output: 40,000,000 stitches
  • Multilingual operation

HappyJapan 1206

For the highest quality embroidery, the HappyJapan 1206 has 3 different modes for you to choose from. The flat, cylinder and cap sewing modes are the perfect range to choose from should you need to work with different materials.

The embroidery machine is incredibly user-friendly and connects up with the editing software super easily. Plus, it’s big construction style means that businesses can get the maximum utilisation from their sewing fields.

Other key features are:

  • Number of heads: 6
  • Number of needles: 12
  • Maximum speed: 900 SPM
  • Field area: 17.71 x 14.17 (inches)
  • Memory: 259,000 stitches 

These are just three of the main bestsellers that we currently have in stock, to see the full range.

Why Choose Midwest?

First of all, our reputation speaks for itself. Over the last two decades, we’ve worked hard to build an enviable relationship that our clients can trust.

Our area of expertise isn’t just in sales either, but also after-sales support and all-round top service. As the UK’s leading embroidery machine distributors and proudly the only stockist of the ever-reliable HappyJapan range, you can definitely put your trust in us. 

Buying an embroidery machine from us isn’t just a purchase, it’s in fact, an investment that will help grow and evolve your business. We’re passionate about all things embroidery, in particular, the machinery. So, we want to help you achieve the best results you can at great affordable prices.

Helpful Second-Hand Embroidery Machine Buying Tips

Without knowledge of the industry, buying a used embroidery machine can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure on what you’re looking for. As with any used item being sold, there will be a wide range of different condition and working orders. So, you need to be careful when choosing. Choosing incorrectly can lead you to losing your investment and poor production.

So, to help you out, here are some general pointers for you to follow:

  • Don’t buy a machine without a built-in colour monitor.
  • When buying multi-head machines, always select one with 12 needles or more.
  • Japanese machines are the best quality in the industry. Avoid Chinese machines as they’re not fully supported.
  • Try to buy from a well-known, reputable seller. Make sure you do in-depth research into their background before agreeing to anything.
  • Ensure that you know how to use the full machine. That way, you’ll get the most out of it.
  • Don’t focus solely on price – there are other factors that must be considered.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always try and buy the machine as new as possible. That way, you can guarantee plenty of years left in its lifecycle. However, tread carefully as some businesses run their machines 24 hours a day. Machine age isn’t a true reflection of the condition of the machine.

Not all suppliers are committed to providing you with a fully serviced, quality used piece of equipment. Some of them are solely out for themselves! Be careful who you buy from and try to buy from a supplier who are dedicated to reconditioning machines for optimal performance – like us.

Find the Right Machine For Your Business With Midwest

Your embroidery machine is what helps create your most valued commodity, your products. So, in order to create the perfect products and meet customer demands, you need the right machine for your business. 

Not only do we stock the right machines, but we’re experts in the field too and offer full after-care support once you’ve bought your machine. Should you need any assistance, we’ll be on-hand to help you get back up and running. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our expert team will be available to assist you.

Or, if you’re still weighing up whether a used embroidery machine or a brand new one is right for your business, then why not download our latest guide that highlights some of our most recent products perfect for businesses of all sizes. Grab your free copy today!

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