What is the Customer Experience Like with Midwest?

Throughout the industrial embroidery machine industry, Midwest is known as a leading brand. Why is that? Two reasons. Firstly, we are the sole UK stockists of HappyJapan machines; the highest quality embroidery machines in the world. Secondly, we provide industry leading customer service.

At Midwest, we look after all of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a returning client or a new customer, we treat everybody with the same professionalism and diligence. Our customers matter to us, and we love seeing their businesses’ grow from strength to strength with the help of our premium embroidery machines. So we make sure that our values are reflected in our customer support and service 24/7. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what those processes involve and how it helps create a great business relationship between us and our customers.


About Midwest

As the only stockists of HappyJapan in the UK, you won’t find another company that can provide the level of support we can for your HappyJapan machines. Whatever the query is, you can guarantee that we have come across it and know how to fix it. 

It’s this level of customer experience and service that has forged our strong reputation and formed long lasting relationships with our customers – some of these stretching over decades of us supplying embroidery machines as requirements and technology shifts.

That experience starts from the very beginning, with our machine demonstrations and continues with our customer care process.


Our Initial Conversations

After your initial enquiry, our embroidery machine experts prefer to speak with you either on the phone or in person. Before we recommend any machine to you, we need to understand  your business requirements so we can find the perfect fit. This is from experience, as sometimes a business will come to us with an enquiry about a certain machine and we know there’s a better choice out there.

Perhaps you’re a startup embroiderer; you enquire about a high speed multi-head machine. Yes, we could sell you on the higher price machine, but there’s no way you’ll use it to full capacity any time soon – wasting a lot of budget in the short term.

We prefer to form lasting relationships with our customers that continues throughout multiple upgrades as your business grows. This is why we focus firstly on asking you about your business, where it’s at, what your output and products might be; especially if you’re a startup that doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room in the budget.


Our Machine Demonstrations

Once we’re both happy with the machine choices you’re interested in, it’s time to move on to demonstrations. 

Video Demonstration

At Midwest, we have two different types of demo we carry out. The first one is a video demonstration. These tend to suit businesses that are hundreds of miles away from us and can’t make it to our offices in person immediately. 

These video demonstrations are conducted via our sales representatives, who will walk you through every aspect of the machines you’re interested in. An example of this can be seen below, which represents a typical demonstration for our HCU Series machine:

These demonstrations focus on:

  • The look and feel of the machine.
  • The technical aspects – stitch speed, embroidery area, technological considerations
  • Features unique to your chosen machines.
  • Features that are unique to HappyJapan machines that aren’t included in competitor models.
  • And finally, a runthrough of a production project in real time.

This video is sent to you, along with any necessary brochures and price lists, in an online package so you can make a more informed decision to purchase or to arrange a further demonstration in person.

In-Person Demonstration

This type of demo is usually carried out by one of our engineers or our management team at our offices in Trafford. These tend to suit businesses who are larger or more experienced -who know exactly what type of machine they require to expand their capabilities or increase their output. 

The contents of the demo are similar to the video version; with the added value of being able to ask our representatives any questions that are outside the box or unrelated to your specific machine choice. It also makes a purchase decision much easier, as you have a direct line to our sales team, who can give you a much more accurate and detailed quote.

In person demonstrations tend to focus on:

  • Detailed quotes and investment discussions.
  • Questions about additional machines, as all our machines are viewable in the showroom.
  • Full technical readouts and in-person embroidery project run throughs. 

After Your First Purchase

After you’ve made your first purchase with us, don’t worry, we don’t suddenly lose interest like a lot of our competitors do. Firstly, we offer a try before you buy scheme – which comes with every HappyJapan machine.  All of our models are available for you to try for a limited time before you make a purchase, so you can be 100% certain you’re satisfied with the quality of work produced. That’s how sure we are that you’ll be happy!

Embroidery machines are a big investment, even for a larger company; so being sure that you’re getting a quality piece of equipment for your money is crucial – and our primary goal is to make sure you do.

Secondly, we arrange a time to get in touch and discuss how your machine is performing. Usually this is a few months after purchase. We’ll ask you if you’re happy with its speed and efficiency, plus we’ll check if anything has caused maintenance issues.


Forming a Long Term Business Relationship

As we move forward after your first purchase and beyond, we’ll get in touch every now and then to check how you’re getting on; to see if we can help you with advice or suggestions as to how you can best scale your embroidery projects and business in the most cost effective way possible. 

Maybe you need to upgrade to a more technologically advanced machine to future proof your business. Or maybe you just need to invest in more machines to keep up with capacity and customer orders. Or perhaps you need advice on embroidery processes to make your production line more efficient. We’re here to help you achieve more with your HappyJapan machines.

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