4 Benefits of Personalised Sportswear

Personalised sportswear is a popular market for embroidery businesses and has been for many years. Sports teams need something that represents them both on and off the pitch, so there’s a wide variety of products that businesses can sell to appeal to various sports and teams. 

Not only do they need to look professional but there’s a wide range of benefits of personalised sportswear. From team empowerment and motivation to an increase in morale, it’s hard to believe the impact that a team playing strip or tracksuit can have on the club’s performance. 

This post will outline and explore the benefits of personalised sportswear and why it’s a popular choice for sports clothing manufacturers. 


We’ll cover: 

A Sense of Unity

Each player on a sports team is all working together towards a common goal. So, they need to look like a team, don’t they? If all players look the same and are all working towards the same objective, they’ll then feel like an integral part of the team. If you’re displaying the same club crest as the rest of your teammates, it’ll spark a sense of unity that’ll increase motivation too. 

A sense of unity is a minimum requirement within a team. If not, you get team members arguing and trying to win the game as an individual. The last thing you want is for all the members of the team to be pulling in opposite directions to each other. Should this happen, all game plans will be straight out of the window and team members will be undoing each other’s hard work. 

Without a sense of unity, there’s no confidence within a team. If you’re selected in the team to display the club’s crest and colours with pride, there’s a team-wide sense of confidence that acts as a driving force for the team to propel forwards and overcome their opponents. Without confidence, players will not show their true potential and results may be impacted.

Instant Recognition of Club Image

When we mention teams like Manchester United, Los Angeles Lakers and FC Barcelona, you can automatically picture their infamous playing colours in your head, can’t you? Instant recognition of your club’s image and brand is a major benefit of having personalised sportswear. 

We’re not saying that your club has to be on the same level as these sporting giants to warrant a professionally-designed strip. In fact, we bet you can name the colours of many local teams’ strips without seeing their colours in front of you. 

Your club’s image is everything – but your strip, crest and other accessories need to be designed to a high standard. You don’t want to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, do you? You should aspire to be renowned for looking ultra-professional and a well-established sports team. 

After all, you need your opponents to take you seriously. If a team turns up to a game with an unfavourable view of your team, they’ll already have the upper hand on you before the game has started. Whilst this may work in your favour on the pitch due to complacency, you want to be portrayed in the local media with branding that you can be proud of. 

Sports clubs have a rich history and prestige – and personalised sportswear is the perfect way to show this off. If teams don’t have a playing kit or training wear, they become unrecognisable and could well be any other team to the naked eye.

Improved Team Morale and Empowerment

Personalised sportswear means that team members play, train and arrive at games in the same uniform. That way, each player looks equally as professional as each other and nobody feels like they’re a spare part or less important. If someone feels inferior within the same team, their confidence will be shot at and this could rub off onto other team members.

Wearing a club crest on your shirt creates a sense of pride. It shows the player that they’re trusted to wear the honourable crest of a well-established sports team, which can be a very empowering feeling. Players then feel fit to wear the shirt and that they can be relied upon, which bolsters team morale, increases confidence levels and is likely to improve performance too. 

Think of successful sports teams, what’s one thing that they all have in common? A great team morale. We’re not saying that all your team members have to be the same type of person to gel well but a team full of like-minded players that all bring their own skills to the table is a lot more powerful than individuals, right? 

Team morale brings different types of people together – and one way to improve team morale is by keeping them all on the same level. Which is exactly what the use of personalised sportswear can do for a team. 

A Sense of Style

Whilst it’s not a fashion show when you’re on the pitch, personalised sportswear reflects the style of play that you opt for, especially before you’ve played. If you have a poorly designed strip, it connotes that you play a poor style of play, doesn’t it? 

Again think of those above-mentioned sporting giants – they’re teams that have historically dominated their respective sports. They’re also teams that are well known for their incredibly stylish playing strips and merchandise each season. They’re designed with regal, powerful and strong colours, which reflects various ideal characteristics for a sports team. 

Not only are the colours a statement but the designs are too. We’re not saying that you need to change your personalised sportswear every season like these teams, but you need to ensure that the one you opt for is stylish and easy on the eye. You don’t want to be known as the team in the league with the worst gear, do you? 

As we’ve mentioned, sports teams want to look professional both on and off the pitch. Personalised sportswear doesn’t end at playing strips. Training wear, tracksuits and pre and post-match wear are now a vital part of teamwear. These extra options are a great way for clubs to aspire to be like the professionals. 

What Equipment Do You Need to Create Personalised Sportswear?

So, as you can see, there are various reasons why sports teams would opt for top-quality personalised sportswear. The many benefits prove why they’re such a popular idea for embroidery businesses in the modern market – and not just any business, yours too!

To create the best-quality sportswear that everybody is talking about, you need to have the right equipment in place. An industrial embroidery machine can help you create amazing results and turn round orders as quickly as they’re being received. 

But knowing which one to pick can be challenging. So, where do you start? Well, luckily for you, we’ve created the perfect guide that contains everything you need to know about the machines and how they can benefit your business. Grab your free copy today!

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