Speed Comparison: HappyJapan vs Brother

When you have a superior product in the marketplace, it can be so frustrating when competitor brands miss-sell their product as equivalent to yours. Especially when there’s no evidence to support their claims. Business owners, marketers and salespeople reading this will understand all too well. Many manufacturers sell commercial embroidery machines masquerading as industrial to…

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Midwest cap frame
happy japan hcr3
Cap embroidery multi head machines
Midwest Machine | HCU1501 Stitch Speed
Midwest HappyJapan HCS3 Machine
Company News
HappyJapan HCS3: A Closer Look

December 3, 2021

No matter your working space, when you’re just starting out, you don’t want this to hold you back or limit your capabilities of growing an...

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HappyJapan HCS3 Single Head Machine
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