5 Important Features of a Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

When looking for a multi-needle embroidery machine, you need to make sure that it has all the key features to cope with your individual customer demands, as well as the scope for growth too. But what features are key? Well, this is completely dependent on your product range and the results you want to achieve from your multi-needle embroidery machine.  

This post will feature the five main features of an embroidery machine and will outline why they’re so important.

We’ll cover:

LCD Touchscreen

Ultimately, embroidery machines with LCD touchscreens are much easier to use. This means that more of your employees will be able to operate your machines successfully. Therefore, there’ll be less downtime should an operator be on annual leave and your business can operate at higher profitability. 

Not only do LCD touchscreens make machines easier to use, but they also make them safer too. Increasing the safety of your workplace in any way that you can is imperative. Not only will staff start to work more productively because they know that they’re protected from various hazards but it’ll streamline the whole of your process too. 

If there’s a problem or an urgent message that needs sending to the operator, it’ll pop up on the screen in real-time. So, they’re no longer left guessing at what the issue is and can get on to sorting it straight away. This saves time, which can then be redistributed into giving different areas of the business attention that need it the most.

If there is a simple way of improving your productivity and your overall efficiency, then you’re going to struggle to find businesses that’ll turn this offer down. Although adding an embroidery machine with an LCD touchscreen is a small factor in this overall plan, each element works together and wouldn’t be complete if all the different ones weren’t in play. 

One-Touch Operations

One-touch operations mean that using multi-needle embroidery machines is easier than ever before. With Happy Japan, you’re never more than one click away from the different functionalities and jobs. As we said earlier, easier to use machines mean that more people can effectively use them, which means a better service can be provided. 

With simpler machines, it allows for quicker turnaround time on orders without a lapse in quality. This can only mean good things for your business. Customers will love the fact that turnaround time is quicker than your competitors, yet you’re still providing a top-level product. This can also be an effective method of attracting new customers through reputation and increased brand awareness.

Not only will one-touch operations improve your reputation, but it’ll also save you money too. HappyJapan machines are incredibly user-friendly, which means you won’t have to spend money sending your employees on training courses for them to be able to operate the machine correctly. Saving money in any way possible is a priority for a lot of businesses and one-touch operations on your embroidery machine can contribute towards great savings. 

Management Live Reports

Live reports can help your business improve its efficiency levels. You’ll be able to see how close to capacity the machine is working, whether it can be worked more and how efficient your workforce is overall. If your machine operators know that real-time live reports will be sent to management, they’re less likely to idle and work slowly as they know that you’ll be monitoring their work. 

Live reports can help you make smarter business decisions. For example, if you notice that your machines aren’t working at full capacity and have the capability to produce more output, you know that you can afford to take on more custom. If you’re not working at full capacity, you could potentially be losing out on maximum profit levels. So, by having a screen that monitors this information, you’ll always be in the know.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time for a machine upgrade, your management live reports will be able to tell you whether you need to go through with the investment or not. If you’re working at full capacity and you have other jobs in the pipeline, it might be time to think about upgrading to a more powerful multi-needle embroidery machine so that you can keep up with incoming business. 

Windows Software

As HappyJapan machines use the latest up to date windows software, you can be confident that your machine is unlikely to crash, have software issues, throw up errors or waste capacity. All of these are important to streamline your operations process. If you can rule out the above-mentioned factors, then your business will likely be operating at its most effective. 

Having access to the latest software removes the need for any unnecessary overheads. You’ve got the most up to date and advanced software at your fingertips, so why do you need to look elsewhere? Windows is one of the leading software programs in the world for a reason, millions of people and businesses put their outright trust in it every day – and it rarely fails to deliver. 

Having the latest software opens up a world of possibilities for your business. Run for longer, uninterrupted periods and churn out those orders like you never have before. Paired with the latest software, HappyJapan machines are durable and are designed to be worked hard. Therefore, your business can be sure to work at full productivity and efficiency at all times. 

Wireless Connection

Wireless connection allows you to put the machines wherever you want – as long as they fit in the space, of course. You won’t have to worry about wiring, as the machines don’t require a port to connect for their power source. This is great flexibility for the business, as if you need to move premises to cope with demands, you won’t be restricted to what type of building you have to choose. 

Not only are wireless connections a lot more flexible, but they’re also a lot safer too. Wires are a tripping and electrical hazard and accidents can, unfortunately, happen at any time, if you’re reducing the risk you’re also keeping your workforce safe too. If your workforce is less exposed to hazards, they’re more likely to be productive and able to work harder. 

Choose the Right Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

So, now you’ve seen the most important features of a multi-needle embroidery machine, it’s now time to think about which embroidery machine you need. They’re a large investment and you must ensure that you get the right one for your business so that you can maximise your business’ potential. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have, but recommend you take a look at the HCR3.

But how do you know which machine you’ll need? Would you benefit from buying a commercial embroidery machine to start out with? Well, you should factor in your budget, your production output and the size of your premises – and that’s just the start of it. Luckily for you, we’ve created a free guide to help you decide which embroidery machine is the right one for your business. 

Don’t waste any time and grab your copy today.

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