Direct to Garment Printers: Worth the Investment?

DTG printing is an effective method to help propel your production line. However, are direct to garment printers worth the investment? Do you need a machine especially to carry out DTG printing jobs? Quite simply, if you want to achieve the best results possible, yes you do.

And not any old machine either – businesses need to choose the right direct to garment printers that suit their customer demand, production requirements and other needs too. They’re invaluable to businesses and ensure that high-quality clothing garments are produced every time – that way, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

In this post, we prove that direct to garment printers are definitely worth the investment. But how? Well, we’ll pose potential problems of not having the right machine or an inadequate one in place. Plus, we’ll give recommendations throughout what makes a strong machine and how you can ensure you have the right one in place. 


We’ll cover: 


Increase Your Production Capacity

Businesses can come under increasing pressure levels, especially in busy periods. However, with the right equipment, you can be sure that you have the resources to comfortably stem the flow of customer demand while keeping those all-important quality levels high. After all, nobody wants rushed products just to meet deadlines, do they? 

Direct to garment printers are worth the investment to increase your production capacity. If you’re using an old or inadequate machine, you could be limiting the number of jobs that your business can carry out. Whereas, making a simple machine switch and upgrading your equipment can increase your overall production capacity. 

With more capacity comes more potential. If you can fulfil more orders in a shorter time, you then have a window of opportunity to expand and grow your company by welcoming new business on board. So, those orders that you may have had to turn away once of a day, can actually be completed with ease. 

Not having the right equipment in place could be holding your business back. Sometimes, businesses don’t work their machines to their full limit due to not wanting to break them. However, with DTG machines, they’re designed to be pushed to their limits, they’re durable and deliver every time you call upon them – perfect.


Guarantee Customer Satisfaction with High-Quality Levels

If there’s one thing that will keep your customers returning… it’s quality. Unfortunately, consumers are greedy and will expect more than guaranteed quality from your business. If you can produce quality garments and turn orders around quickly, your customers will be mightily impressed and will definitely return. 

If only there was a way to guarantee this? Oh wait, there is! DTG printers and machines are the only way that you can produce quality results time and time again at high speeds. Plus, we’re not talking about rushing orders so that they’re out of the door and ticking a box, orders are completed quickly, however, there’s no compromise on quality at all.

You have to be quick and you have to be good – it really is as easy as that. If only carrying this out was as simple, right? Customers won’t be prepared to wait around for extended periods for their order to be fulfilled. Within the clothing industry, there’s a lot of competition. So, if you can’t turn orders around quickly, you’ll likely lose out to your competition.

Not only are DTG printers quick but they’re built to last too. You can be as fast as you want, however, if your equipment keeps breaking and letting you down, you’re not going to be quick long-term. The right direct to garment printers guarantee quality and are built to be run all day – so, you can rely on them to always keep your customers happy.


Improve Overall Business Efficiency

Heaping more pressure on an old or inadequate machine will cause it to break. When machines break, businesses often go into periods of downtime where they can’t produce products or capacity is extremely limited. Any time that your business enters downtime, your efficiency levels take a huge hit and your business isn’t making as much money as it could be. 

Therefore, by investing in the perfect direct to garment printer for your business, you’ll guarantee that it can take the strain off your most pressured times. That way, you can be certain that your machine will deliver and won’t break down as soon as things hot up on the order front. There’s nothing worse than orders stacking up and your machine not producing, is there? 

By reducing periods of downtime, you’ll be saving money too. Not only will you be able to operate for longer and drive more revenue but you won’t have to constantly pay maintenance fees to fix your machine. We appreciate that this maintenance isn’t cheap and even call outs to come and look at machines can prove to be an expensive cost. 

If your business is operating a lot quicker due to the introduction of the right machine, it means that you can squeeze more orders in during a day than ever before. So, just by improving your machinery, you’re increasing your production capacity and getting more out of a day’s work. Minimising the time needed per job is a great way to ensure business efficiency.


Head to the Top of Your Industry

DTG allows businesses to create amazing results with their designs and garments. However, with an inadequate machine, these designs will appear incredibly underwhelming. What might be an amazing design could turn out to be awful when printed on the garment, therefore, your products will simply blend in with the rest of the industry. 

Or, even worse, it may stand out for all the wrong reasons! People won’t want to spend their hard-earned money on products that aren’t high-quality, will they? And rightly so! Plus, if your customers aren’t choosing your business for their designs and garments to come to life, it means that your competitors will be getting the business you’ve passed up.

If more people start to choose your competitors, you’ll find that they’ll naturally end up ahead of you in the industry. So, leave your audience with no choice but to choose your business by creating the best quality designs in the industry. With the right direct to garment printers, you can achieve quality standards that are simply too good to look elsewhere. 

DTG provides businesses with a great opportunity to appeal to a wide market. Intricate designs allow for ultimate personalisation and a chance for people to express themselves through their own fashion sense! Best position yourself to exploit this opportunity by investing in the right equipment to get the job done properly. 


Direct to Garment Printers ARE Worth the Investment

So, there you have it… when asked whether direct to garment printers are worth the investment, we can confidently answer with a huge YES. You’ve seen yourself from the above-mentioned factors that if you’re going to take DTG printing seriously, you need to equip yourselves properly to achieve the desired heights.

At Midwest, we’re here to help equip your business properly in every way that we can. Whether it’s a direct to garment printer that you need, or you’re looking to align all of your equipment inventory – we can help. Of course, there’s no point in having an equipment range that is state-of-the-art in some areas but poor in others, is there? 

For more information on DTG printing, we’ve produced a FREE guide for you to benefit from. It includes everything you need to know – from what it is, the benefits and machine recommendations – it’s all in there. Grab your copy today!

Or, if you’d like to speak to one of our experts about aligning your equipment inventory, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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