4 Instantly Recognisable Sportswear Logos

Sportswear logos are what set different brands apart. After all, if nothing was branded, how would you know which items belonged to which brand? Quite simply, you wouldn’t. There’s only so much that businesses can do to differentiate a pair of black sports leggings or basic gym t-shirts, isn’t there? 

That’s why, as a sports clothing business, you need to ensure that your sportswear logos are eye-catching, striking and well designed. You don’t want to be known as the business with the shoddy branding, do you? You want to be known as the company who produces the best sportswear, that’s not only renowned for quality but distinctive branding that people want to be associated with.

This post will explore four of the most instantly recognisable sportswear logos in the world and will break down exactly what it is that makes them so good. So, if you want to be the best, take inspiration from industry big players and think about how you can implement similar styles yourself. 

We’ll cover: 


When you hear Adidas being mentioned, you can’t help but think of their ultra-famous three-striped garments, can you? From the unmistakable Adidas Predator football boot range donned by no other than Golden Balls himself, David Beckham or their well-known three-stripe shell suits, Adidas’ branding is second to none.

Image Credit: Flickr

When it comes to their logos, Adidas isn’t shy of using a couple of variants. However, one thing that is consistent within each type is the inclusion of their well-renowned three stripes. For instance, on their playing strips, training wear and sporting accessories, you’ll find the traditional three-stripe logo with the brand name accompanying underneath. 

Whereas, throughout their fashion and heritage range, they use the trefoil logo with the famous three stripes cutting through the middle of the leaf emblem. The brand name is used again underneath the logo, that way, whichever variant of the logo is used, there’s no mistaking that the garments are made by Adidas. 

Both logos are iconic and well-renowned globally. Simplicity is key with both designs – nothing detracts attention from the quality of the brand. Both logos are said to represent leadership too, which is backed up by the brand’s leading position and portfolio of high-class sporting professionals spanning a wide range of sports. For example, Lionel Messi, Dustin Johnson and Paul Pogba. 


Just like Adidas, Nike isn’t afraid to use a variation of logos on their sportswear garments. In fact, Nike takes it to a whole new level and even has specific logos for some of their most iconic celebrity endorsements. However, hold that thought. Let’s firstly talk about arguably the most iconic sportswear logo of them all, the Nike swoosh. 

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Throughout various sporting industries, you’ll find clothing and equipment marked with the Nike swoosh dominating the market. From football and basketball to athletics and golf, Nike has their products in a lot of different sporting pools. The classic Nike swoosh stands alone, without the need for the brand name to accompany it – everyone knows and recognises it, right? 

The brand is so widely recognised that we bet every time you step out of the house, whether it’s for work or a leisurely stroll at the weekend, you’ll see somebody wearing the iconic logo. We know that’s a bold statement, but believe us, that’s just how big they are. The Nike swoosh is an emblem that’s held in high regard and connotes quality, athleticism and fashion-leading clothing. 

Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams – what do all of these Nike athletes have in common? As we mentioned earlier, some of Nike’s highest calibre of professional athletes have their own sportswear logos and clothing range. Air Jordan, CR7 and the SW range all feature emblems that are tied in with their respective sports and boast strong messages of professionalism, strength and incredible achievement.


As sportswear logos go, Puma’s logo has to be up there, right? Quite simply, the logo is a puma animal performing a great leap. Pumas are a part of the big cat family and surely, any sportsman or woman wants to feel like a puma when on the football pitch, tennis court or golf course. They’re agile, ultra-fast and dominant, so if you can replicate this in your performance, you’ll definitely be onto a winner.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

What makes this sportswear logo so great? After all, it’s just an emblem of a big cat, right? Well, that’s exactly what has made it such a global success for many years. It’s simple, unmistakable and instantly recognisable. These three factors are just what you should aspire your sportswear logo to be – if you can nail that down, you’ll be well on your way to making your mark in your industry. 

The simple puma logo is used on playing kits, training wear and also a fashion range too. In fact, it features on all of the brand’s products. You’ll notice a slight variant of the logo on their footwear, however, the main logo features on the tongue of the shoe. That way, there’s no denying that the product is Puma. 

New Balance

Despite being in the industry for over a century, New Balance may seem like a junior competitor to the three aforementioned examples. However, we can assure you that to underestimate them like that would be a total disservice. The Boston-based sports manufacturer is one of the world’s leading sportswear businesses. 

Image Credit: Freebie Supply

And it definitely reflects that within its classy logo. Simple, yet effective – like all top brand logos should be. Similar to the Adidas logos, New Balance reinforces their brand name under their “NB” emblem. That way, there’s no mistaking the brand look and everyone in the sporting industry knows what a product is about upon viewing the logo. 

It’s clean, crisp and consistent. Throughout their sporting and fashion range, they use the same logo that’s instantly recognisable when seeing a clothing garment or footwear product. Plus, in recent years they’ve started creating professional playing strips – none more famous than the newly crowned 2019/2020 Premier League, Liverpool. 

It’s not just football that they’ve started dominating either. A lot of international cricket teams are utilising New Balance playing strips and equipment. From the shirts they wear to the bats they use, New Balance has quickly become one of the most popular brands within the sport. 

Logo Embroidery is Crucial to Your Brand’s Success

As we’ve mentioned, having an effective sportswear logo design has been crucial to the success of the above-mentioned industry giants. But that doesn’t just apply to them, it applies to all businesses too. If your logo isn’t attention-grabbing or is too complicated, it’s likely to get lost in the vast sea of other brands out there. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that you nail your logo design. Not only this, but its application onto your products too. After all, you don’t want to be recognised as the brand that’s well known for producing shoddy garments do you? You could have the coolest logo in the world, but if your application is poor, it’ll ruin your whole product range and you’ll gain an undesirable brand image. 

So, to make sure you master the application, you need to have the right equipment in place. Industrial embroidery machines are perfect for churning out orders quickly and to the highest standard possible. So, for more information on how they can benefit your business and help you fly high with the big players in your industry, download our free guide today.

It includes everything you need to know – from machine recommendations to the various benefits that they can bring, it’s all in there!

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