The Importance of Live Reporting for Your Operations

Live reporting is essential for monitoring the performance of your machinery and overall business. If you’re not analysing your performance, how do you know whether you’re performing at an optimum level or not? Quite simply, you don’t!

If you’re not carrying out any analysis, it’s likely that you’re not reaching your full potential or improving. Making blind business decisions may lead you down the wrong path. Whereas, if you’re carefully analysing your performance, you can make more intelligent decisions which will best position your business for success. 

If you’re unsure about live reporting and the different ways in which it can benefit your business, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This post will explore everything you need to know and how you can use live reporting systems and metrics to your advantage. 

We’ll cover: 

Keep Track of Productivity

Within manufacturing and embroidery, productivity is a key area that team managers are always looking to improve. Whether that’s getting more out of their workforce or their machinery. With that in mind, to calculate their current productivity levels, they’ll need to look at core reports and metrics to see which areas can be improved or need more resources.

Think about it, if you’re wanting more from your workforce, how do you know whether they’ve got the capacity to do so if you’re not analysing the live reports? You could be forcing more work on their plates without knowing that they’re already stacked in the first place. Or, how do you know that your team are putting their all in and aren’t taking it easy? You need to track it. 

Productivity is everything. You can see whether your team is working hard to keep on track to meet tight deadlines. Or, whether they need to up their game and put a bit more in. You can also see whether your machines are being productive enough, or do you need another one to cope with demand a little better? 

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Once you’ve started tracking your live reporting, you can account for the actions of every team member within each job. If you notice that they’re slacking a little and could be working more productively, this is an opportunity for you to improve your overall team efficiency. If they start working harder, your efficiency, output and profitability will rise. 

If you’re constantly paying a monthly wage when your team isn’t putting in the hard yards to meet deadlines, this will increase costs for the business. You’re paying a premium rate for less work, so live reporting can help you improve the efficiency of your workers and reduce the cost per project – in relation to wages, of course. 

Are your team constantly making mistakes? Or is your machine throwing regular errors that are affecting your overall production? If either of these keeps happening, it’s going to increase your overall costs as a business. With live reporting, you can note where the issues are coming from and act accordingly to rectify them. 

Forecast Output and Capacity

When forecasting and setting your business goals, without knowing your performance figures, how can you set realistic KPIs for your team to achieve in the next quarter or year? Quite simply, you can’t. Going in blind will either leave you going in too small with your goals or too large.

Setting unrealistic goals can be detrimental to your workforce. Make them too easy and your team may relax and take it easy. Whereas make them too hard to achieve, it may cause your team to become unmotivated and feel like they’re not making any progress. Both are bad situations for your business to be in. 

Live reporting will allow you to see how many jobs you normally complete and how many you have the ability to complete too. Therefore, you can set realistic goals, plus, see if your team is over/under capacity. From there, you can make smart recruitment decisions on how to drive your business towards your overall objectives and goals. 

Analyse the Performance of Your Embroidery Machine

Just as your team needs to be performing, so does your equipment. Your team could be giving their all, however, if they’re not supported with the right equipment, they could be set up to fail before they’ve even started. The performance of your industrial embroidery machine is pivotal to the success of your business and the quality of your products. 

If your machines aren’t performing properly, you’re not reaching the potential that you’re capable of doing so. Live reporting breaks down the performance of your embroidery machine to see which areas it’s excelling in, which need improvement and how much further you can push your machine. Without live reporting, you’d have no idea of how your machine was performing. 

You may be wanting to grow your business, but how do you know whether your current level of machinery can handle the increased demand without analysis? You don’t. Live reporting breaks this down for you perfectly so that you can make smarter decisions on whether your equipment is best positioning or failing your production line. 

Check Whether You Need to Upgrade Your Machinery

As we’ve just mentioned, live reporting allows you to see exactly how your machinery is performing. So, is capacity and output massively outweighing the potential of your machinery? If so, you can use this data to justify the decision of upgrading your machine. Not upgrading your machine when necessary can have detrimental effects on your overall business. 

If customers are having to wait a lot longer for their orders just because your embroidery machine can’t cope, they’re not going to be happy. Naturally, humans are impatient and there’s a lot of competition on the market. Therefore, if you’re requiring them to wait weeks or months for their orders, they’ll simply find another supplier that can get it to them a lot quicker. 

Your machine could be throwing errors during their embroidery process, however, if you don’t check the live reports, you won’t see which errors are disrupting your operations. Live reports can help identify which maintenance service needs carrying out on a machine or whether you could benefit from investing in a new one or not. 

Choose the Right Equipment For Your Business

Live reporting can have a major effect on your business’ performance – one thing that it highlights is whether you have the right equipment or not. To save you the time on analysing whether you’ve got the right equipment or not, Midwest is here to ensure that you invest in the right industrial embroidery machine straight off the bat. 

We care about your business and improving the overall quality of the embroidery machine. Our HappyJapan machines are industry-leading and all come fitted with live reporting systems as a standard. You can rely on HappyJapan machines to get the job done – first time and every time. But you must have the right one to get the most out of time – FACT. 

So, to ensure that you can make smart decisions when choosing the right one for your needs and requirements, we’ve created a free guide that includes everything you need to know. From machine specifics, best-suited industries and main benefits that you can take advantage of – it’s all in there. 

Grab your copy today!

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